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Making the change to live a more sustainable lifestyle can be for many different reasons. Understanding how your choices can make a change is important and can motivate you to reach your goal whether it is to become vegan, vegetarian, healthier, or simply to understand why one would want to make this change so you can support them.



In order to successfully take on veganism, habits, and regimen need to be unlearned and then relearned, which can prove to be challenging. If you want to start living more sustainably, gaining insight to understand veganism and establishing your personal motivation is the first step. Even if you are not committing to a vegan lifestyle, if you know someone that is vegan or even if you’re simply curious, it couldn’t hurt to learn more about why people choose to be vegan.



When you take a look at the definition of veganism, it does not only include a dietary definition but instead includes avoiding all products derived from animals, including skins and fur and products that have been tested on animals. The number of animals raised, caught or killed for food who have to endure testing or suffering in varying forms is about 60 billion land animals and over a trillion marine animals. This is absolutely saddening, because not only are we the reason for the extinction of entire species, but all animals should have the same right to life as us humans do. Animals kept in captivity lose their freedom and suffer from malnutrition, pain, disease and distress, and are unable to live freely as they otherwise would. When we keep animals in captivity, we cause them mental and physical pain. In fact, 95% of animals kept as livestock are killed prematurely for the unethical reasoning of them no longer being useful to farmers. In general, we as humans have no concrete justification to take away another’s life. The rights of animals, people, and the protection of our earth should be a concern for every single person. Being vegan means defending animals that are defenseless, standing up for their rights, and showing compassion.