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The easiest way to eat vegan is to cook for yourself. Find a good cookbook or YouTube Channel or just start experimenting! The world of vegan cuisine is so creative. 

The easiest way to eat vegan is to cook for yourself. If you’ve never been one to cook at home, this is the perfect opportunity to start. While the world of vegan cuisine can be very creative, I recommend starting out with quick and simple meals. Make sure you are keeping your meals balanced with carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and fibers, and good fats. People wonder where vegans get their protein, some great sources include tofu, beans & legumes, and seeds. Learn to cook with these and you’re set. If you are someone who is still in school, or usually busy throughout the week, I highly recommend meal prepping. Putting aside your Sunday to prepare a whole week's worth of breakfast or lunches saves you so much time and energy. To do this, wash your fruits and vegetables in bulk, boil and portion then freeze items, buy frozen, cut and portion, and ration your foods to create a stress-free week ahead.

Here are some simple recipes to get you started:

BBC Food

Jamie Oliver

The Vegan Society