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Get excited, your food world is expanding. You'll find that there are countless creative alternatives to non-vegan groceries everywhere if you know where to look. 

At the beginning of your vegan journey, it’s possible that you’ll feel overwhelmed and confused when grocery shopping as vegan labeling is not yet common here in Singapore. Generally, most grocery stores should have a great selection of whole foods but it might get tricky when it comes to everything else. Another issue you will run into is that food marketed as vegan such as meat and dairy alternatives are usually imported from foreign countries so they can get expensive. They aren’t the most healthy but like anything these foods are fine in moderation. Personally, I have a list of places I would go to to buy specialty products like veggie burger patties and cheese. While on the pricier side, Supernature at Forum Shopping mall was one of the first places I discovered that carried a wide range of vegan products. I would recommend getting a membership as you get a discounted price. If you have ever been to the United States and are vegetarian or vegan, you might have come across the fast food chain Amy’s which also delivers non-perishable goods here to Singapore when you order online. Some of Amy’s products can also be found in our local grocery stores. Still, on the pricey side, Brown Rice paradise located at Tanglin Mall is a health food store that carries loads of vegan food, household goods, and self-care products. On the more affordable side, wet markets are a great place to get bulk ingredients which are cheap and fresh. They usually carry both local and imported foods and fruits and sometimes there are food stalls that are entirely vegetarian. You can also hit up regular supermarkets like Giant or NTUC which carry canned and processed foods that you can’t find at wet markets. I usually go straight to the health section to save time. There are also other places you can shop at for vegan foods like Mustafa, various health stores, and Indian provision shops. If you are one who likes to shop online, check out iHerb, Redmart, and Friendly Vegetarian.

The most important and valuable tip I can give you is to read ingredients and look for labels. Not all food is marked so you know that they're vegan. Familiarize yourself with which ingredients are vegan and which are not, if unsure about a specific ingredient like emulsifiers, Google or Veganeasy.org will be your best friend.