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Making Vegan Easy

A comprehensive guide to help you navigate a healthy and fulfilling vegan lifestyle in Singapore.

  • Crystal Shoff

Benefits: Health Impacts

Updated: May 13, 2019

For those of you who are interested, but still hesitant to commit to a vegan lifestyle, there’s an annual challenge called Veganuary. Veganuary challenges people worldwide to go vegan for a month-long trial during January. This would give you the chance to see the positive impact a plant-based diet has on your body and health. Transforming your diet to consist of mostly natural, whole, plant-based foods, has proven to improve overall immunity, mental state, energy levels, and physical health. With the absence of sufficient and appropriate protein substitution, you might notice a loss of lean body mass. By eliminating animal products — which have largely been contaminated with chemical growth hormones, and are proven carcinogens - you would be eliminating possibly harmful substances from your diet, and likely notice a change in your bowel movement and functioning. This is due to the higher fiber content of a vegan diet and the simultaneous increase in carbohydrates that ferment in the gut which can cause some irritable bowel. Over time this could eventually lead to positive changes in the diversity of the bacteria in your colon, depending on if your vegan diet is made up of processed food and refined carbohydrates or is well balanced and planned. Some scientists also believe that the presence of high species diversity in your gut’s microbiome will benefit your whole body system the same way that ecosystems are stronger as a result of different types of species thriving. Continuing to eat without animal products will eventually increase your metabolic rate and help prevent high cholesterol. That’s why you should eat your veggies, as there is a multitude of health impacts that come with this lifestyle.