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  • Crystal Shoff

Challenges: Our schools don't provide for this lifestyle

Updated: May 13, 2019

My siblings and I grew up here in Singapore attending both local and international schools. 3 years ago, 2 of my sisters decided to begin the transition to a more vegan-friendly lifestyle, changing their eating habits and the everyday products they use. One of my sisters is currently still in secondary school and the biggest obstacle she faces with her lifestyle is being unable to find vegan or even vegetarian options in her school. While she has overcome this by packing her lunch every day, there are times she does not have the time to and has to resort to skipping meals in school. This stood out to me because I never had to think about it before. Our school systems do not cater to the minority of vegetarians or vegans and it makes it harder for more people to live this lifestyle. Is it ignorance on the part of the school or do the schools simply not have to resources to care for the minority of people who have restrictive diets?