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Join the fun

While not everyone may know about it, there are quite a few events like festivals that happen here in Singapore that people of all ages can attend to learn more, participate, and enjoy.


Farm to people festival 
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Sprout is the largest farm to people festival that Singapore has. They strive to bring food producers, growers, and the community together. They celebrate local agriculture, urban farming, artisans and good honest food. If you are interested in supporting our local community and sustainable living this is the place to be.


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EarthFest is a festival that happens once a year here in Singapore that celebrates sustainability. The event educates, advocates, and allows for engagement with the public. There is a food festival and music festival that happens throughout the event. Their event spreads happiness through responsible living. If you are interested you can find out more about the event on their website.


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The Green & Healthy Festival is a public education programme that encourages people to move to a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. The festival includes health products including sample dishes from producers of organic, natural, fresh produce, and vegan products. There are events within the festival including the record-breaking event, seminars on food and sustainability and shopping of green and healthy products. There are also live performances. It is the place for anyone and everyone to go and educate themselves while having a good time.