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It might seem daunting to new vegans to eat out. It's true that you can't just eat anywhere you'd like as not everywhere has vegan options, however, there is amazing vegan food in Singapore, if you just know the right places to look. The vegan restaurant scene in Singapore has taken off in recent years and you'll find new places opening up every so often so get out there and try them! Some of my personal favorite vegetarian places are Original Sin Medditaririan, Real Food, Greendot, and Veganburg. If you're looking for a place that caters both vegan and non-vegan food, I'd recommend Hans im Glück, HRVST, NamNam, Cedele, Din Tai Fung and even McDonalds. A lot of local foods can also be vegan, all you have to do is check with the vegetarian stalls at hawker centers if anything contains egg or dairy. Being close to temples, Fortune Center is a haven for vegan food. They have loads of vegetarian restaurants and even mini marts, perfect for you to stock up on snacks and groceries after a meal.

And there’s so much more to discover: https://www.happycow.net/

If you aren't the one choosing where you're going, don't forget that it's entirely possible to call restaurants ahead of time to make arrangements. Most places are happy to comply and you're helping to create a demand for vegan options!